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Parts of a stand:  1. The Legs ("K" leg, T-leg, "H" leg)
2. The table.    3. The motor (& on/off switch)   4. The foot treadle.  5. Links for the foot treadle.  6. Accessories (pedals, knee lift, lights, etc.)

One cannot put a sewing machine on just the legs.  What is needed is a "Complete" stand setup.  The table is usually cut out with a pattern that fits the specific machine that one is putting on the stand.  The motor must be placed in the correct position so the pulleys of the motor and machine line up and a belt can connect them.  Below the table there can be a treadle with a rod connecting it to the motor or an electronic pedal switch controlling the motor depending on which type of motor you are using.  There may also be a knee pad lever for foot lift or other switches depending on the type of machine and what control functions it has. 

In addition to the basics that comprise a working COMPLETE STAND, there are many accessories available including: lighting, thread holders, measuring tape, etc. 

"K" leg, T-leg, "H" leg, Sunken and Space-saver stands available assembled or knocked-down (you assemble.)  We have "Complete Stands" that come with all the necessary basics: the legs, table, motor, switch, pedals.  We have the appropriate stand for your machine!  Tell us what machine it is for and what you need to sew and we will tell you what stand and accessories you need.


K-Leg Stand for all machines.  Sturdy with the added feature of the front legs being out of the way of the operator.

T-Leg Stand. Two posts support the table and machine.  No legs in the way of operator.  Economical. Great for all light and most medium weight machines.

H-Leg Stand for all machines.  Strong, stable and well suited for long and large heavy machines

Sunken:  Sunken refers to the table setup for machines such as the CM795 Overlock where it is advantageous to seat the machine at a lower level where the needle plate is level with the table.  (On the other hand, a Cylinder Bed machine might be simply bolted to the top of the table with a slot cut out for just the belt.)

Space Saver Stand lets a machine such as a heavy duty cylinder bed machine, be set up so the needle is out in space so that unwieldy objects such as boots and harnesses can be more easily manipulated for sewing.

Small Footprint and Steel Post Stands take up minimum floor room so that machines such as a button sewer in a tailor shop can be mounted using the least space.

“U” cut out table tops also available for cylinder arms.



Horsepower (motor) 3/4HP / 1/2 HP -see above
Motor Speed (motor) 1750 or 3450 RPM -see above
Voltage (motor) 110 v or 220v -see above
Phase (motor) 1 - phase
Motor Type Clutch

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