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Consew Model 104-10T

Consew Model 104-10T


The Consew Model 104-10 / 10T is for general use in Moss/Drop Stitch, Attaching Tape, Braiding Stitch, Ray Stitch. It is equipped with universal feed movent, an adjustable needle plate and an easy hand operated directional control.


  • Suitable on such products as wearing apparel, linens, towels, bedspreads, shirts, shop coats, curtains, banners, emblems, blankets, table cloths, coats and caps
  • Ideal for use by laundries, camping outfitters, upholsterers, drapery shops, uniform clothing suppliers, linen suppliers and sporting goods stores
  • Chainstitching and drop or moss stitching


  • Universal feed movement allows free-hand stitching in any shape, form, style or direction
  • Adjustable needle plate accommodates a variety of needle sizes and threads
  • Easy-to-change hook needle
  • Uses all types of thread: cotton, silk, wool, metal and synthetic
  • Equipped with device for changing from chainstitch to dropstitch without removing work or rethreading machine
  • Model 104-100 available for sewing sequins



Stitch Type Single Needle, Single Thread - Chainstich - Type 101
Speed, Max (S.P.M.) 800
Feed Universal Feed Movement
Max Stitch Length 13/64" (5mm)
Presser Foot Lift 9/32" (7mm)
Needle Bar Stroke 9/16" (14mm)
Needle Used 137x1 TR (Chainstitch) 137x1 SM (Moss Stitch, Drop Stitch)
Work Space 10-1/4" (260mm)
Bed Size 7-3/4" x 16-3/8" (197mm x 416mm)