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Consew Model 701/ 701LP

701 / 701LP

High Speed,  Single Needle, Post Bed, Lockstitch Machine,
Drop Feed, Needle Feed
with Vertical Axis Rotary Hooks, Intermittent Wheel Feed,
Intermittent Positively Driven Roller Presser,
Simplified Semi-automatic Lubrication,
Anti-Friction Ball and Roller Bearings,
Built-In Bobbin Winder



  • Lower and driven presser wheel feeding action combined with needle feed provide powerful transport for slippery materials of any type as well as leather, vinyl and polyethylene plastics, oil cloth, just any material difficult to feed, coated and laminated fabrics.
  • Suitable for stitching hollow, tubular and curved articles and climbing over thick sections always assuring constant stitch length.


  • As many as 29 anti-friction ball and needle roller bearings (depending on model) for easy maintenance.
  • Continuous lubrication from copious reservoir.
  • Vertical axis rotating hooks.
  • Triple feeding mechanism assures even feeding of difficult-to-sew materials.


701   - Single needle, lower wheel feed, driven upper wheel feed, needle feed
701LP   - Left hand post
701U    - Same as basic model, modified for maximum stitch length up to 21/64 (8mm)
701X    - Same as basic model, modified for very heavy thread
701UX    - Same as basic model, modified for maximum stitch length and heavy thread
701ATCL   - Fitted with automatic thread trimmer and presser lift
702   - Two needle, all other features same as Model 701
702ATCL   - Fitted with automatic thread trimmer and presser lift



Standard or Full Function Standard Functions
Needle 135x7 (cat.1955)
Workspace Standard Workspace
Hook Size
Hook 38032
Feeding Mechanism Needle Feed
Post Height 7" (178mm)
Clearence Under Presser Foot 9/32" (7mm)
Stitch Type 301
Stitch Length 5 (5mm)
Bed Size 7"x20 3/8" (177x518mm)
Work Surface 2"x2 13/32" (52x61mm)
Number of Needles 1 (Single)
Needle Bar Stroke 1 1/2" (38mm)
Speed, Max (S.P.M.) 3500