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The LED-28 from COOL-LITES features a 28-LED lamp with a convenient "C" style table mounting clamp so you don't have to drill mounting holes and the light can be easily moved to change position. The extra long gooseneck aids in getting the light exactly where you need it.  There us an on/off switch right on the lamp head

Model LED-28 comes with a Table Mounting Clamp and has a standard AC plug. 
Model LED-28BL is in black and model LED-28WH is in white and features a 29" long gooseneck.

Model LED-28T version has a permanent table mount shaft that you must have a mounting hole on the table through which to insert it.  However, once it is screwed in, it is very secure. LED-28T has wire lugs which need to be hooked up directly into machine's motor switch for power.  The LED-28T has a 25.5" long gooseneck.

COOL-LITES remain cool at all times. If you accidentally touch the light you wont get burned as with old fashioned lights. 
They don’t contribute heat to the work area, making for a better environment for the machine operator.

Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly.  Save up to 90% energy compared to traditional fluorescent or incandescent lights.
Service life is approximately 60,000 hrs.
Model: LED-28 Specs
-   Power: 2.0 W
-   LEDs: 28
-   Voltage: AC 110-240V  Frequency: 50/60 Hz
-   Application: Any Sewing Machine.

Features: Has convenient on/off switch on the lamp head.  Has extra long bendable gooseneck for easy positioning.

Two mounting base versions are available:
Model LED-28BL
(black) and Model LED-28WH (white) - have a table clamp and a standard AC plug and a 29" long gooseneck. 
Model LED-28T
has a threaded tube that screws in securely thru a hole in the table and has wire lugs to be hooked directly into AC power at the motor switch. It has a 25.5" long gooseneck.