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Consew Model UEW-PPE-2



The UEW-PPE-2 ultrasonic embossing machine is mainly used to emboss, bubble, wrinkle and trademark on all kinds of fabrics. It can also emboss trademarks on non-woven fabric, coating, leather, paper and aluminum plate, imitating leather pattern and various deep and shallow patterns.
It uses high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to create instantaneous heat energy and thus transform the material to achieve various embossing effects. It can also be used for the welding and cutting of synthetic fiber materials. All without the use of needles and threads.
The UEW-PPE-2 can achieve the melting and cutting of material while leaving a smooth surface without burrs. As an ultrasonic lace sewing machine it is widely used in clothing, toys, food, environmental non-woven bags, masks (cup masks, flat masks, three-dimensional masks, etc.) and other industries.


  •  For the production of various non-woven cloth masks, protective clothing, disposable surgical caps, non-woven bags, lace clothing, ribbons, decorative products, handkerchiefs, tablecloths, curtains, bed covers, tents, raincoats and other non-woven cloth processing industries.


  • Digital Frequency Tracking: This system tracks the output of the machine in order to automatically adjust temperature to maintain welding consistency during operation.
  • The UEW-PPE-2 comes with the #8 wheel (*).  The other wheels are available separately at an additional cost.
  • Large work space: 410 x 230 mm

  • Color touch screen display featuring more intuitive, more convenient adjustment.

  • Linear Speed Control: Control of acceleration, deceleration, max speed and number of steps to move. This means you can preset the machine to accelerate at a certain speed/rate; Decelerate at a certain speed/rate; How fast the machine will operate at wide open pedal and allows you to preset how many steps the wheel will emboss


  • Voltage:   220V ±5V   50/60HZ   

  • Power:  2500W

  • Ultrasonic frequency:   20KHZ

  • Max. speed:   130 ft/min  (40 m/min)

  • Pattern size:   Width 0 –70mm / Diameter 50 –60mm

  • Dimensions of full setup:  1250 mm x 580 mm x 1450 mm

  • Net weight:   160 lbs (115kg )



Dimensions 250 mm x 580 mm x 1450 mm
Power Electr: 220V ±5V 50/60HZ | Power: 2500W