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Consew Model UEW-PPE



Ultrasonic Embosing Machine for Personal Protection Equipment.

See new UEW-PPE-2 instead of this model.

he UEW-PPE ultrasonic embossing machine is mainly used to emboss, bubble, wrinkle and trademark on all kinds of fabrics. It can also emboss trademarks on non-woven fabric, coating, leather, paper and aluminum plate, imitating leather pattern and various deep and shallow patterns.
It uses high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to create instantaneous heat energy and thus transform the material to achieve various embossing effects. It can also be used for the welding and cutting of synthetic fiber materials.  All without the use of needles and threads.


  • The UEW-PPE can achieve the melting and cutting of material while leaving a smooth surface without burrs. As an ultrasonic lace sewing machine it is widely used in clothing, toys, food, environmental non-woven bags, masks (cup masks, flat masks, three-dimensional masks, etc.) and other industries.


  • High frequency ultrasonic vibrations to create instantaneous heat energy for embossing and welding


  • Voltage:   220V ±5V   50/60HZ   

  • Power:  500W   6amps

  • Ultrasonic frequency:   20KHZ

  • Max. speed:   65.6 ft/min  (20 m/min)

  • Pattern size:   Width 0 –70mm / Diameter 50 –60mm

  • Dimensions of full setup:  1200 mm x   600 mm x 1200mm

  • Net weight:   198 lbs  (90kg )



Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 1200 mm x 600 mm x 1200mm
Power Electr: 220V ±5V 50/60HZ | 6A | Power: 500W