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Consew Model 697VC


High Speed Coverstitch Machine
with Fully Automatic Lubrication, Differential Feed With Micrometric Adjustment, Pushbutton Stitch Regulator, Thread Lubricating And Needle Cooling System.
Also available: 697BVC for Binding Attachments



  • For sewing light to heavy-weight materials.
  • Model 697VC – Cylinder-bed for general seaming
  • Suitable for hemmimg, tape binding, elastic inserting, etc.


  • Speed, Max. up to 6000 s.p.m.*
  • Push-button stitch regulator
  • External cooling of oil supply
  • Fully automatic lubrication with visual flow controls
  • Lubricating oil continuously filtered by replaceable filter
  • Differential feed with micrometric adjustment for shirring and stretching.  Ratio up to 4 to 1.
  • Intermittent action possible
  • Standard type UY128GAS needles
  • Silicone based needle cooling and thread lubricating
    2 Needles,  2 Loopers,  4 Threads   
    3 Needles,  2 Loopers,  5 Threads 
  • NEEDLES:  Comes with 3-needle, 5.6 mm
    (Optional Needle Gauges available)   
    2 Needles:    3.2, 4.0, 4.8, 5.6, 6.4 mm           
    3 Needles:    5.6, 6.4 mm
    -UTA     • Under thread trimming device (pneumatic)
    -ST       • Top cover thread trimming device
    -UTM    • Under thread trimming decice (electric)
    -W         • Thread wiper (electric)
    -EC       • Tape Cutter (electric)        



Number of Needles 2, 3
Feeding Mechanism Differential
Workspace Standard Workspace
Standard or Full Function Standard Functions
Speed, Max (S.P.M.) 6000
Max Stitch Length 1.4 ~ 3.6mm
Presser Foot Lift 7.0mm
Needle Bar Stroke 31mm
Needle Used UY128GAS
Looper 2
Standard Distance Between Needles 5.6mm 3-needle
Differential Ratio 1 : 0.3 ~ 1 : 2.9
Two Needle
Needle Distances
Comes with 3-needle, 5.6 mm