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FC575B-8 Foam Cutter



Foam Cutter: Two Blades (with one stationary and one moving blade)
8" blades (8-1/2” max. cutting height)
Low profile base with Rollers for superior control

Foam Cutter:
Dual Blades (with one stationary and one moving blade)
• Durable and Affordable!
• 8-1/2” max. cutting height for -8 model
   (11-3/4” max. cutting height for -12 model)
• 110 V. / 4.5 amp motor with variable speed
     and always ON switch.
• Light-weight and easy to use
• Detachable, low profile base with rollers
Replacement blades available
Similar to Bosch


Blade Size 8 "
Cutting Capacity 8.5" max ht

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    CFC Smoothcut Foam & Rubber Cutting System

    The Smoothcut CFC- is a foam and rubber cutting system in which all the components are available separately (and complete.) 
    1: The CFC-M Motor unit is the electro-mechanical body of the system
    2: The CFC-B Base has rollers for smooth cutting.  The column and blades are attached between the motor and the base.
    3: Select whichever length (or lengths) of Column(standard) and Twin Blades desired.