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Consew Model 756R-3

Consew Model 756R-3


Extra Heavy Duty, Single Needle, Lockstitch Machine, Long Cylinder Arm

With: Large Oscillating Shuttle Hook, Extra Long Arm 16 1/2" (420mm), Reverse Feed, Built-In Bobbin Winder, Cam Take-Up Lever, Heavy Balance Wheel, Extra High Foot Life 13/16" (20mm)


  • Suitable for sewing heavyweight materials such as canvas, vinyl, leather, synthetics and various coated, laminated and rubberized fabrics.
  • Appropriate for use in upholstery, footwear, leather, canvas industries
  • Designed for stitching such products as tents, sails, harnesses, tarpaulins, safety belts, parachutes, balloons, industrial bags, boots, book binding, auto, boat and furniture upholstery, sports and camping equipment, orthopedic appliances, suitcases, luggage,     ski boots, knapsacks, footwear and outerwear made of extra heavy duty materials
  • Recommended for sewing tubular and curved work
  • Designed for extra thick thread


  • Large oscillating shuttle hook
  • Extra long arm - 16½" (420mm) for R-3 version (15¾” -400mm for R version)
  • Reverse feed
  • Built-in bobbin winder
  • Cam take-up lever
  • Extra high presser lift for sewing extra heavy materials
  • Heavy balance wheel
  • A cloth plate for flat work available as optional equipment for all models
  • Triple Transport: bottom, top and needle feed (walking foot)


Standard or Full Function Standard Functions
Needle 7 x 3
Workspace Standard Workspace
Cylinder Diameter 3 3/16" (81mm)
Feeding Mechanism Walking Foot
Work Space 16 1/2" (420mm)
Stitch Length 2 1/2 s.p.i. (10mm)
Presser Lift 20mm 13/16"
Number of Needles 1 (Single)
Needle Bar Stroke 56 2 13/64"
Speed, Max (S.P.M.) 800