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Handbags & Luggage

  • CN2093R
    Consew Model CN2093R


    Single Needle, Drop Feed, Zig-Zag, Lockstitch Machine

    With: •  Automatic Lubrication     •  Horizontal axis rotary hook
    •  Dial zig-zag regulator      •  Locking zig-zag width regulator
    • Straight stitches when zig-zag set to "0" using straight stitch locking device
    •  Stitches per minute — up to 2000*
    •  Reverse stitching with adjustable stitch length
    •  Built-in bobbin winder      •  Metal gears (hardened steel)
    •  Built-in free-hand monogramming lever

  • DCS-S4
    Consew Model DCS-S4


    Skiving Machine

    With: Fortuna-type knife, shoe & plate;  Skiving width up to 2"; Waste removing device; Separate clutch for engaging the knife sharpener prolongs the life of the knife and sharpening stone; Removes the backing off of leather

  • F-117-1
    Consew Model F-117-1


    Save Money–eliminate Cost Of Pre-wound Bobbins, Save Time–automatically Winds Hundreds Of Bobbins, Reduce Waste, Ideal For Sewing And Embroidery Thread